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5 Tips for Choosing the Best DNS Provider

Choosing the services your online business needs can be a little bit confusing. Even if you are an IT expert, checking among all the existing options and providers can be exhausting.

Not to get lost while navigating on the sea of options, here you have 5 tips for choosing the best DNS provider for your business.

Availability is a must. 

If your website can’t be reached, the risk of losing clients is big. A robust network with servers located all around the world for redundancy sounds ideal. The next step is to check that those locations are convenient for your business. Be sure those countries are your market or that they are close to it.

Uptime is a term that points to the effective operation time of a server, and therefore your website has. It’s a measurable factor absolutely linked with availability. Check the uptime records of the providers to see how much availability they really can guarantee. If you see constant outages in the service or downtime, it’s an alert not to hire the service. 

Availability is really key, and providers know it. DNS professionals establish the uptime they offer in the service level agreements (SLAs) as a guarantee for clients. 


DNS infrastructure faces dangerous risks. Plenty of cyber attacks keep occurring worldwide. As a result, an efficient strategy and technology for preventing, protecting clients’ websites, and guaranteeing their availability is a must.

A network with multiple points of presence distributed across the world, in addition to an efficient load balancing mechanism, DNS Failover, and anti-DDoS servers’ protection, are very helpful. Additional features like DNSSEC and two-factor authentication for the backend are a must. This can point the DNS provider will really handle traffic to avoid threats like the evil DDoS attacks. And even if a DNS server gets compromised, your website can keep safe and running due to the other servers included in the network. 


Check the capacity of the DNS provider have for resolving users’ queries worldwide. An Anycast network is a good beginning for you to consider a vendor seriously. Such a network will increase your domain’s availability and speed, reducing latency, bandwidth fee, and loading time. 

Customer support. 

DNS management is not a simple task. The smallest mistake while adding, editing, or deleting DNS records can affect your website performance or availability. Expert support is not a minor advantage. Be sure it’s included, available 24/7, that they speak your language or a common one, and try the contact ways they offer to see if they really work. DNS issues can really impact your profits. If an issue appears, you need to fix it fast and efficiently.

Look for competency and experience. 

There are many providers on the market, but there is a big difference between companies that offer DNS services as their main business and the ones that provide them as an add-on. Based on this, they can offer you a more robust or simpler infrastructure. 

DNS is an online media’s key component. A proper architecture, constant monitoring, and optimization are totally needed for supplying the best results. A competent network, modern equipment, and software can provide you fast resolution for your domain, 100% uptime, capacity for handling big volumes of queries per day, and more.

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DNS service will be the core of your website. Consider the previous parameters and your real business needs. Then, check the most suitable DNS service provider and price for your budget. Some DNS providers are globally recognized and expensive. But there are smaller DNS providers with good quality and lower prices.