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Why is Secondary DNS service beneficial?

Today we will talk about the Secondary DNS service. It provides additional authoritative nameservers to domain name owners to answer domain queries. But if you want to get deep into its purpose, why it is so important, and how you can get it, you are on the right article.

Secondary DNS service purpose

Secondary DNS is a service that can be used with your Primary DNS. It adds to your name server network by storing copies of the zone file holding your domain’s DNS records. These servers can replicate your domain’s Primary DNS zone file and provide additional points of presence (PoPs). So even if your Primary DNS is down, users can resolve your domain much faster this way! Isn’t it wonderful?

Why is a Secondary DNS server important?

The Secondary DNS service is also known as Backup DNS or Slave DNS. It’s also worth noting that because it just saves copies of DNS records, it doesn’t allow them to be changed. So changes to your Primary DNS are the only ones you can make.

In short, if you have four sets of nameservers handling queries, the load is distributed among the current four. When the first nameserver is functional, the load will be split across the four servers.

Why is Secondary DNS service important?

Don’t you understand why Secondary DNS is beneficial? Okay, no worries. We will now give you a list of its significant advantages.

  1. The main reason for using a Secondary DNS provider is redundancy. Why? Because if your Primary DNS goes down(also known as DNS outage or DNS downtime), people will still be able to access your website using the Backup DNS. Solid uptime is critical for online businesses, which implies earnings.
  2. It’s possible that using Secondary DNS will enhance network performance. So, what does it mean? You can establish a load-balancing network with numerous points of presence (PoPs). The traffic can be managed and distributed over many DNS servers. Furthermore, you will be able to respond faster, and your Primary DNS server will be less stressed.
  3. Improve customer experience. More speed provides additional benefits to the user, such as quicker reaction times and faster load times. As a result, your company will rank higher in search engine rankings.

How can you take advantage of it?

There are a few free Secondary DNS services available, however, most have substantial limits. For example, they usually have a monthly limit on DNS queries, a small amount of DNS records, no advanced features like DDoS protection or Dynamic DNS, no dual-stack network (IPv4 and IPv6), and a small number of name servers, for example.

As a result, using a paid Secondary DNS is the best alternative. This service is available from several reputable companies – BuddyNS, ClouDNS, Hurricane Electric DNS, etc. The price of the service is totally determined by the plan you select.


Let’s review. Now you know why you and your company need Secondary DNS. These advantages apply not only to reading but also to apply what you’ve learned. Simply having Primary DNS is risky, and it can impede your company’s growth in the long run. Using a backup DNS, on the other hand, will safeguard you. Check to see if anything is interfering with the Domain Name System’s ability to resolve. When you have 100 percent availability, you won’t lose any sales. So, go for it!