Month: September 2021


Six Benefits Of IPv6

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet protocol (IP). The purpose of Internet protocols is to set specific rules for the devices to send and receive information successfully. The exchange of information is between two hosts. So, for that reason, they have to be able to be identified. IP addresses come to help in this situation to track each host’s location. Finally, the two corresponding IP addresses are acknowledged, and the route is established for the entire data exchange.


Cyber attacks

5 of the biggest DDoS attacks in recent years

DDoS attacks are a constant problem that any business could suffer. 

They are massive controlled traffic that is directed to a target (server) with the goal of taking it out of order.

Directly or indirectly, one day, you will be affected. They are getting more frequent, and we can easily expect around 10 million attacks this year. Here, we have 5 of the biggest DDoS attacks in recent years. Those who really hit strong and disrupted businesses.