Domain names

Domain parking: When to consider it?

The days of domain parking and earning from ads are long gone. This kind of easy profits is in the past, but do you still need domain parking services? 

What is domain parking?

Domain parking is an additional feature that many of the domain registrars offer that allows the users who purchase a domain name to have a simple 1-page message (HTML) that shows when you try to open the domain. You can have it without the need for web hosting. The purpose is to show a message to the visitors, that can be a contact, information about the future of the domain, or another. 

How to add a Parked zone?

There are more reasons to use domain parking. These are the main cases when to consider domain parking. 

To sell domain names (domain flipping). 

One legit business that can’t function the same way without domain parking is reselling domain names for profit. You can register different domain names that have something in common – industry-related, similar names, particular keywords or keywords, etc. Thanks to the parking option, you can put your contacts. If somebody checks some of your domain names, you can show them your contacts and the price for the particular domain. This will facilitate the selling a lot. 

Domain parking before you finish your site. 

Consider domain parking when your site is still under construction. You can use it to put a few motivational sentences. To warm up the crowd. You can even change the message a few times from “coming soon” to “in two months”, “3 days left”, or another. If you already have a well-known brand and you are setting foot on a new market, the true fans could be ecstatic.

You moved to another domain. 

Maybe you have found a more suitable domain for your business, and you moved to it. It will be a shame to waste your previous domain name and all the people who know it. Extend your old domain name’s time by at least 1 year and park it. Use a message that clearly invites the visitors to go to the new domain name. 

Another reason is if the company merged with another one and now you are using just one site, but the trick with the parked domain works too. 

If you moved to another domain, a web redirect that directly takes the visitors from the previous domain to the new one might be a good option too. 

Get domains that you might use later.

Sometimes you are not sure about all the aspects of your business’s future development. Maybe in some years, you want to start selling on the nearby markets (countries). Perhaps you want to create a separate domain for your flagship product. We can’t know everything. But it is very cheap to get the domains in advance and sit on them. Put a message that leads to the main site and be prepared for the future. Who knows, maybe in 1 or 2 years, you will need one of these parked domains, and you already have it for the price of a few dollars per year. 


So, now you know when to consider domain parking. It is a simple option that you can activate in a matter of minutes. It can show a simple message and still serve your goals. It saves money on web hosting.